Your Personalized Climbing Training Plan

Every climber is unique and deserves the most efficient plan to get better fast. Send Story builds your training plan from scratch.

Affordable, personalized training for every climber

A personalized training plan - the most efficient and effective way to improve - is no longer reserved for the elite climbers only.

Take a 10-minute long assessment in the Send Story Training app and get your 100% custom training plan. Just like that.

How Does It Work?

This is how the Send Story app creates your training plan from scratch

The Structure of Your sessions

Guided Drills On the wall

"Just climb" can be an inefficient way to spend your climbing sessions.

Become more deliberate with climbing sessions with guided climbing drills. Explore limit-climbing, projecting, board sessions, and more on the-wall exercises picked for you!

Bite-Size Training Off the wall

To boost your progress, take on bite-size training off the wall to improve your greatest areas of weakness.

Send Story selects exercises based on your assessment to double down on what's holding you back!

For Climbers, By Climbers

Together, democratizing personal training for the climbing community

Professional Climber Friends

Matt Chapman, high performance climbing coach

Zach Richardson, Professional Climber

Daniel Lam, V8 climber & outdoor enthusiast

Indiana Chapman, 10x Canadian Youth National Champion

Your Techy Climbers

Serena Ge, co-founder

Michael Lam, co-founder

Nima Pourjafar, Android Development

Tiffany Leong, artist & illustrator

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