Personalized Climbing Training Plan

Send Story Training is the new cutting-edge coaching app that builds your fully personalized, 4-week climbing training plan. No need for access to a climbing gym. Just grab your pull-up bar and get going!

Every climber is unique and deserves the most efficient plan to get better fast. Traditional coaches are expensive and cookie-cutter plans just don't work. This new app builds affordable, 100% personalized, and result-oriented training plans, maximizing your progress with every session.

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How it works:

3 Steps to Your Training Plan

Get the ultimate training plan just for you. This is how Send Story Training creates your training plan.

Step 1:

Tell the app about your climbing

Complete a basics questionnaire about your climbing. Then, tell us about your equipment and time availability and preferences. Finally, fill in a 5-min self-assessment.

Step 2:

Get an analysis of your results

Based on your answers, Send Story assesses the 3 critical aspects of your climbing, including technique, mental game, and physical strength. Send Story analyzes your results and creates a report of your strengths and weaknesses

Step 3:

Get your training plan

After understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a climber, Send Story builds your entirely personalized training plan. Learn more about your plan below.

Send Story App Builds Your Custom Training Plan

Send Story is a revolutionary mobile app - the next big thing for climbing training. After completing a self-assessment questionnaire, the science-based algorithm creates a training plan from scratch - just for you.

Completely Personalized Workouts

Your entire training plan is built from scratch with 100+ best exercises for climbers.

Base on personal strengths and weaknesses

Send Story assesses your strengths and weaknesses as a climber, and tailors the workouts to optimize your gains!

Based on your equipment availability

Your entire training plan is based on the equipment you have access to, whether from the gym or at home.

Scientific and targeted training

Send Story follows scientific frameworks from climbing and general strength training. Your plan is built from exercise science!

The Most Effective Way to Get Better at Climbing

There is no secret. The most effective training plan is one that targets your personal strengths and weaknesses. Send Story creates targeted training plans that cookie-cutter regimes cannot compare to. Every climber is unique. You deserve the best regime that suits your unique needs.

The Send Story app works around your schedule. Choose your own time availability, equipment availability (home or gym), and training preferences. Get better at climbing anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need access to? Do I need access to a climbing gym?

No! You don't need access to a climbing gym at all! However, it is recommended that you have a pull-up bar, and that's it! In addition, it would be even better to have any of the extra equipment: dumbbells, fingerboard, campus board. Send Story App is extremely flexible and works with your equipment availability! No worries at all if you don't have access to a lot of equipment.

I haven't climbed since quarantine. Is this app for me?

Yes it is! That is not a problem at all. In fact, most of us haven't climbed in a long while too. It feels like a century ago that we felt our burning passions and dedication to this sport we love. But remember, it's never too late to pick up climbing again! The app will assess your current level and work with you from there. Start training now and come back strong!

Do I have to pay money?

No, the app is completely free right now. Send Story Training App is under beta testing, so the early users will not be charged a single cent. However, the app will not be free when we publically launch (in a few months). In short, the app is free for a limited time, so sign up today to gain free early access!

How come I've never heard of Send Story Training before?

Exactly! The app is new (since late April 2021) and at its early stages. It's not on the app store and not made public. We currently only offer private access to climbers on the waitlist.

This app is the next big thing! Up until now, professional coaches and companies have had to hand-make each plan and thus charge hundreds of dollars. Send Story Training is an intelligent app that entirely replaces the manual process of building personalized training plans. Built upon decades of research and exercise science, the app creates training plans that are result-orientated, effective, and 100% personalized.

How do I get access to the app?

To get early access, join the waitlist by entering your email. We will distribute the app to people higher up on the waitlist. If you want the app as soon as possible, you can refer your friends to rank higher on the waitlist!

Have more questions? Reach our team at

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